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Peer Tutoring
Online math tutoring provided to middle and high school student by high school juniors and seniors who have demonstrated a high level of math achievement in the classroom and on state and national exams.

The MAO Outlets
Campus-based shops originating from a Colonial HS students' Propose-a-Project proposal to ensure her peers would never miss out on an opportunity due to not having clothes. The MAO Outlets are run by student volunteers with the support of MAO, school staff and administration, and the community. At the MAO Outlets students can borrow, buy, or trade clothes, school supplies and more. Open to all OCPS students at no cost.

Community Service Connect 
Community Service Connect provides students with a list of community service opportunities available at schools, online, and in the community.

Students can pitch an original community service project idea to the Minority Achievement Office through Propose-a-Project. With the support of MAO, students will bring their idea to life to meet the need or solve a problem. 


Jennifer Bellinger
Minority Achievement Officer
407-317-3470 x 2002360
[email protected]

Kate Demory
District Resource Teacher
[email protected]
407-317-3470 Ext. 200-4301

Minority Achievement Office