It is the goal of the VPK program that children are successful and attain the skills necessary to be successful in Kindergarten.

In order for all children to be successful, classroom rules will be established. Classroom rules will be based on respect, courtesy, self-discipline, and may vary from class to class. The rules will be posted in each classroom. Positive discipline techniques will be used to help students learn to make appropriate decisions and choices regarding their behavior. Student behavior will be managed through positive reinforcement, redirection, conflict resolution, and modeling.

The following interventions may occur if a child’s behavior is detrimental to the learning process and/or the child becomes injurious to him/herself, other students, or staff members:

  • Parent will be contacted via phone call.
  • Parent will be asked to participate in a parent-teacher conference.
  • Parent may be asked to pick up their child from school.
  • Child may be removed from the program if behavior threatens the safety of him/herself or others after interventions have been tried and have failed. In addition, a child may be removed if the behaviors continue to disrupt the teaching/learning process despite interventions.
  • Only the Senior Administrator/Program Site Manager has the authority to remove a student from the VPK program.

Be assured that age-appropriate strategies will be utilized to maintain student behavior. Children will not be subjected to discipline that is severe, humiliating, frightening, or developmentally inappropriate.

Suspending Students
Prior to suspending or expelling children with challenging behavior an attempt to assess the child’s needs and determine behavioral supports necessary for the child to succeed in his or her current program.