Art in the time of COVID-19
Posted on 10/12/2020
little girl wearing mask behind chain

“Art is the window to man's soul. Without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world; nor could the world see the man within,” Lady Bird Johnson famously said. 

The 20 pieces of art in the “Through their eyes: 2020” exhibit at the RBELC provides a window into students’ perspectives of COVID-19. 

“Students need an outlet during these challenging times and the arts give them the opportunity to let their voices be heard.  ‘Through Their Eyes: 2020’ opened the door for students to show us what they see and feel as a result of COVID-19,” Christy Garton, Visual Arts K-12 resource teacher, said. “They are impacted in ways adults may not fully understand, but we are able to see what they see by looking at these beautiful pieces and reflecting on the meaning of what they have shared.”

The OCPS Arts initiated Black and White Photo Challenge asked high school photography students to communicate : “How has COVID impacted or changed your community?” A selection committee curated the 80+ submissions and chose pieces that exemplify standards taught in the course.

“I think the artistic process that went into the COVID show was both a window and a mirror. It helped my students reflect back on their own experiences during the pandemic, while allowing them to look out at what others in their community are going through,” John Burke, Boone High School photography teacher, said.