Colonial HS first in national scholarships
Posted on 09/24/2019
A few of the Colonial HS National Scholarship winners
Completing college scholarship applications can be a laborious process. From filling out the application to financial aid forms to writing the essay, each one may take hours to submit.

Recently, 34 OCPS high school seniors earned a College Board Opportunity Scholarship (ranging between $500-$2,000) simply for completing steps they would already be doing as they consider the college application process.

The College Board randomly drew names to financially reward students for completing any of the six key steps: build, practice, improve, strengthen, complete and apply.  Throughout Florida, 35,000 seniors completed one or more of the required steps. Of those, 296 earned a CBOS, with 70% being from lower income households, totaling $1.75 million.

In Class of 2020 assemblies, Colonial High School celebrated 24 recipients - the highest number in the United States, and Timber Creek High School had 10 recipients, placing them third in the nation. Arlington Collegiate HS (Texas) was second with 11 CBOS recipients.

“It’s a unique scholarship program that rewards students for doing what they’re doing every day,” Sasha Williams, College Board’s Associate Director of Florida District Instructional Support, said. “Long gone are the days where you have to be this stellar athlete to go to school or a 4.5 GPA student to earn an academic scholarship. Just by taking the steps you’re taking every day, you’re going to have the opportunity to earn these scholarships.”

To celebrate their nationwide success, seniors at both schools received a College Board tee shirt.

Plus, those who fulfill all six requirements are eligible to receive a $40,000 scholarship.