School Board meeting highlights (April 28)
Posted on 04/28/2020

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The School Board of Orange County held its regularly-scheduled board meeting at 5:30 p.m. via a virtual meeting room and live streamed on the district’s YouTube channel. These are the highlights of the meeting:

May 4-8 proclaimed as Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week will be recognized May 4-8, 2020, and will celebrate OCPS teachers’ contributions and commitment to student success during an unprecedented time for our students and their families.

The district has 14,352 instructional staff members who support more than 212,000 students in 199 schools. Our community is grateful for the commitment teachers have to their students and their willingness to face the challenge of educating through distance learning with creativity and determination.

Our Partners in Education are an example of our engaged and invested community that is willing to step up during difficult times. Our generous partners have contributed to the celebration by providing prize drawings and individual gifts for instructional staff.  This is the proclamation.

School Board proclaims May as Better Hearing and Speech Month

In 1927, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association designated May as Better Hearing and Speech Month. Orange County Public Schools serves many students with communicative disorders. Our district has an array of educational supports including, assistive devices, speech or language therapy. These supports ensure that students with communicative disorders receive their education with peers in the least restrictive environment most appropriate for their individualized needs. This is the proclamation.

 District observes May as Building Safety Month

The purpose of observing Building Code Safety Month is to urge all students, staff and the general public to become familiar with the services and benefits offered by our Building Code Compliance Office and our Office of Fire Marshal. This proclamation acknowledges a group of professionals that make a difference in building safety. This is the proclamation.

 District will recognize May as Foster Care Awareness Month

Since 1988 each U.S. President has issued a proclamation to recognize May as National Foster Care Month to raise awareness regarding the needs of youths in foster care and to celebrate the many supporters who are making a powerful and positive difference in their lives. This resolution helps bring awareness to the importance that education provides in the lives of foster care students. This is the proclamation.

 May proclaimed as Internal Audit Awareness Month in Orange County Public Schools

May is Internal Audit Awareness Month, dedicated to highlighting the value internal audit brings to organizations and the public around the country and the world. Internal audit is essential to good governance and fosters trust, transparency and accountability, and contributes to success, positive change and innovation by delivering assurance, insight and advice.

Orange County Public Schools has a dedicated team of seven professional internal auditors who embrace their roles and work tirelessly to help the district and its management achieve their goals. This proclamation recognizes them and all internal auditors for their work. This is the proclamation

 May recognized as Mental Health Month and May 7 as National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day in OCPS

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day shines a national spotlight on the importance of caring for every child’s social emotional needs and reinforces a child’s healthy development. The School Board of Orange County proclaims May as Mental Health Month and May 7, 2020, as Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day in Orange County Public Schools, and encourages its citizens to participate in uniting to meet the mental health needs of children and youth in our community. This is the proclamation.

 School Board proclaims May 1 as School Lunch Hero Day

Orange County Public Schools Food & Nutrition Services is committed to providing healthful, nutritious meals to OCPS children. Food service professionals have been on the front lines during COVID-19, ensuring students do not go without nutritious meals while they are not in school. Orange County Public Schools expresses its deep appreciation to these valuable employees and commends their work on behalf of the district’s children. This is the proclamation.

USAOC Settlement Agreement for Extracurricular Activities

Senior Administrator of Athletics and Activities presented the Strategic Plan Update for the USAOC Settlement Agreement for Extracurricular Activities with the purpose of advertising athletic tryouts and club opportunities for middle and high school. Some program highlights include:

  • Extracurricular Activity Guidelines
  • Qualifications to Participate
  • Participation and Code of Student Conduct

This is the PowerPoint presentation.


*Reminder* All board meetings are live streamed on the School Board’s YouTube page and will be accessible from web browsers on computers or mobile devices. To find the live stream, visit