School Board meeting highlights (Sept. 8)
Posted on 09/08/2020

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The School Board of Orange County held its regularly-scheduled board meeting at 5:30 p.m. at the Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center. These are the highlights of the meeting:

Millage adopted to support 2020-21 budget
After a public hearing, the school board adopted the millage required to support the budget for the school year, 2020-21. The millage rate adopted is as follows:

2019-20 2020-21
Required Local Effort 3.861 3.609
Basic Discretionary .748 .748
Additional Voted 1.000 1.000
Capital Improvement 1.500 1.500
Total 7.109 6.857

Budget for 2020-21 approved
The budget approved by the school board is as follows:

2020-21 Budget for the General Fund $2,218,328,757
2020-21 Budget for the Special Revenue Fund $159,852,546
2020-21 Budget for the Debt Service Fund $233,750,914
2020-21 Budget for the Capital Projects Fund $1,953,201,696
2020-21 Budget for the Internal Service Fund $362,449,466

To view additional details this is the budget presentation and the budget summary for 2020-21.

Board policy revisions approved for face-covering policy EBBA
After input from the Medical Advisory Committee emergency revisions were approved to Policy EBBA: Disease Prevention; Face Coverings.

Section and Title Revisions Summary
I(A)(1)(c) Medical Certification Appeal Process Approved new section
I(A)(1)(d) Periodic Breaks (exception) Option #1 - Periodic Breaks Outdoors Only (add the word: stationary)
I(A)(1)(e) Outdoors with Social Distancing (exception) Option #2 - Adds an exception for face coverings provided social distancing is maintained for structured recess and physical education; requires face coverings during unstructured recess
I(A)(1)(j) During Limited Instructional Periods (exception) Adds a requirement that social distancing be maintained
I(A)(2)(b) Cloth Face Coverings (students, vendors, visitors) Specifically prohibits neck gaiters and face buffs
I(A)(2)(d) Face Shields (students, vendors, visitors) Adds section with language that face shields can be worn in conjunction with face coverings
I(A)(3)(b) Cloth Face Coverings (employees) Specifically prohibits neck gaiters and face buffs
I(A)(3)(d) Face Shields (employees) Adds section with language that face shields can be worn in conjunction with face coverings

The purpose of the emergency provisions to this policy is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of students and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. Pursuant to §120.54(4)(a), Fl. Stat., the School Board determines that the Covid-19 pandemic is an immediate threat to the health, safety, and welfare of students

OCPS will recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month
National Hispanic Heritage Month is a national recognition of the culture, contributions and heritage of Hispanic Americans. The annual observance is now a 31-day period beginning Sept. 15 and ending Oct. 15. The September-October period covers a wide range of Independence Days for Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua celebrate their independence Sept. 15; Mexico celebrates its independence Sept. 16 and Chile Sept. 18. El Día de la Raza (Columbus Day) is observed Oct. 12, by all countries and people of Hispanic background. Read the Hispanic Heritage Month proclamation.

OCPS will recognize Constitution Day and Celebrate Freedom Week
The Florida Legislature designated the last full week in September as "Celebrate Freedom Week." This week of celebration is intended to allow for appropriate instruction and activities that will help to reinforce the principles and ideals on which our nation was founded. As a result of this legislation, all schools in Orange County will observe Constitution Day Sept.17, 2020 and "Celebrate Freedom Week" during the last full week of September (Sept. 21-25). Read the Celebrate Freedom Week proclamation.

School Board members proclaim Sept. 21-25 as Start with Hello Week
National Start With Hello Week is organized by Sandy Hook Promise, a nonprofit organization led by several family members who lost loved ones at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, December 14, 2012. Start With Hello teaches students, grades 2-12, the skills they need to create a culture of inclusion and connectedness to support those who may be dealing with chronic social isolation, bullying, violence and depression. Start With Hello will also benefit educators, administrators, community-based organization leaders and parents by building a culture of connectedness. The Week of September 21-25, 2020, schools are encouraged to kick-off their Start With Hello program by participating in activities that encourage inclusion. Read the Start With Hello proclamation.

*Reminder* All board meetings are live-streamed on the School Board's YouTube page and will be accessible from web browsers on computers or mobile devices.